Friday, July 24, 2009

Avenir Quick Basket - Part 1

The Bike Accessories Faerie visited me this morning and look at what she left under my pillow: A basket! An Avenir Quick (release) Basket, to be exact. How very sweet. I just leave some money under my pillow and a few days later, there's a box with bicycle goodies in it! Don't ask me how that Faerie keeps getting into my house...

The Avenir basket seems of good quality though I have to mention that the front mesh of the basket was slightly pushed in. The box was dented when it arrived which would probably explain the dent in the basket. I believe this was due to poor packaging and rough handling by what appears to be a clumsy or drunk Bicycle Accessories Faerie. I used my thumbs to push the indentations out and they have now since disappeared.

The basket is coated steel with a rubber-coated handle that comes with a little black sponge-like grip along with the mounting bracket, hardware, instructions and a tool to mount the basket.

The mounting bracket is a pretty beefy looking black plastic. It measures approximately 4" long. It's would put it out of the way of most cables on the handlebar which is a good thing.

The basket itself measures 10.5" wide x 8" deep x 8" high which is a respectable size for a basket. Not too small and not too big. One will be able to fit a backpack, bag, purse, bag of groceries, or a small dog, etc.

I will provide a fully detailed review in Part 2 but so far, it looks like a nice, good quality basket that will look great on my bike.

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  1. How's this basket working out? I had one of these like 8 years ago and hopefully the design has been upgraded. I'd had mine installed for a few months and then one hot summer day as I was riding down a hill and going pretty fast I went over bump and the dang thing flipped off and sent me flying over my bike. Best of all, it happened right in front of this restaurant with all these people outside dining. oh so embarrassing... It took me a long time to get over my fear of baskets.


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