Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lower East Side U-Lock Beating

This incident took place at what appears to be the intersection of Allen and Delancy Streets on the Lower East Side in Manhattan. I've ridden it many, many times. It's a busy intersection with a lot of bike traffic due to the Williamsburg Bridge.

I can understand some of the fear and frustration a cyclist may feel when a belligerent pedestrian bears down on them but does that warrant a proper beating with what appears to be a Kryptonite New York STD u-lock?

*Personally, I think the "beating" was totally not chic. I mean, a Kryptonite NY STD u-lock?? He could have at least used a Kryptonite Evolution Mini! It's "the choice of bike messengers worldwide". It's smaller than the NY-series thus easier to conceal and brandish when middle-aged Asian men "attack". You also get a lot more control with your swings because of it's compact size. Now you can assault just about anyone on the street at a moment's notice and do it in style.


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