Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Purple Top, Yellow Bike

As I cycled along, I came upon this chic beauty riding happily in the bike lane. Dressed in a sleeveless purple top, a short dove gray slim-fitting skirt, black espadrilles and a gray helmet. She was riding a cute vintage yellow cruiser with a wire basket up front.

 I noticed that she had a customized "license plate" hanging under her seat. I tried to get a closer shot of it...

It read "Chitra".

Just adorable and stylish... I told her she looked great. As I passed her she had the biggest smile on her face and was laughing.

Keep up the good work, "Chitra". :)


  1. She is adorable! I need a basket on my bike(s)

  2. Sartorialist has more NYC Bikes up today.

  3. Yellow bikes are not only stylish, but highly visible in traffic! When I see them on a foggy overcast day, they remind me of lobstermen out in the water in Maine, wearing their yellow waterproof gear.


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