Sunday, August 23, 2009

Two for the Road: Chic Cylcing x 2

As I cycled down the Hudson Greenway on Manhattan's west side I came upon this gorgeous couple...

They were riding a black cruiser-style bike that had bars sticking out from both sides of the rear wheel which the girl perched herself upon. The pretty blonde was wearing a pair of designer "Chip & Pepper" jean cut-offs, a simple blue t-shirt, brown tinted aviator-style sunglasses, flip-flops and a yellow grocery bag slung over her shoulder. She gently draped her arms upon her boyfriends' shoulders, confident in his ability to ride safely with her behind him. The boyfriend was wearing a beige t-shirt, cream shorts, brown tinted aviator-style sunglasses and flip-flops.

They were the essence of simple, fun, chic cycling. As I rode past them I told them that they were the cutest couple and I loved their style. They thanked me, smiled and laughed. Just a gorgeous couple out cycling and enjoying the day.

Later down the Greenway I was witness to a little girl that threw her chain right in front of me. I immediately stopped and went to help her. Her mother was a good deal ahead. As I bent over, the cute couple above slowed down and asked me if I needed help. The couple started making their way back towards me.

While I was putting the chain back on another nice gentleman stopped and came to our aid. He said he knew exactly how to get the chain back on so I stopped and allowed him to do his magic. It took just a few seconds... By that time the mother was at my side explaining that this was the second time today that the little girl had thrown her chain. The gentleman said that it was due to the rear brakes being too tight. I mentioned that I had a multi-tool and could fix the brakes but the mother said that it was ok. I mentioned that there was a bike shop down the road on Hudson that could fix it for around $5. She declined. The gentleman and the couple rode off.

The little girl looked up at her mother, baring her hands and said that her hands were dirty. I looked down and offered to give her a handi-wipe (moist towelette). Again the mother declined. I said that it wasn't a problem, that I always carry handi-wipes and proceeded to open the wipe. The little girl clearly wanted to clean her hands and reached up for the wipe. I happily handed her the wipe knowing that I only had one and my hands were filthy, covered in black grease and dirt from the chain. No problem. I said good-bye to the mother and little girl and rode off with dirty hands. Having dirty hands never felt so good. :)

Further down the greenway near Battery Park I stumbled upon another couple, one of which was riding a beautiful black Gazelle with full chain case, rear rack, coat/skirt guard and a dynomo headlight. His partner was riding a turquoise bike.

The gentleman on the Gazelle dutch-style bike looked so regal and relaxed. He was wearing a polo shirt, simple beige khakis and leather slip-ones. Simple, effortless, stylish.

I happily rode further along in Battery City Park when I came upon these beautiful flowers in bloom. They reminded me of the two chic couples that I saw on their bikes. Both the flowers and the couples made me very happy to see... I love flowers, I love happy couples and of course I love cycling! Mixing all there is just heaven.


As I took in the beauty of the flowers a bumble bee buzzed gingerly from flower to flower. I managed to capture a picture of him as he flew by...

It was great finally taking photos of some chic cyclists "in the wild". I loved seeing the two happy couples out enjoying themselves on their bikes. I felt like that bumble bee floating from flower to flower, taking in their beauty and flying off...


  1. Nice day it seems. I love the top photo. People smiling on bikes is great to see.

  2. Did you see this On the Street Happy Trails

  3. Was the bee really small or was the flower gigantic?! Great photos & so nice to hear about a bit of community spirit ;0)

  4. @ Cosmo: Thank you for the great link. I really enjoyed the video. :)

    @ SMB tech geeks: The flowers were HUGE. About 8-9" across, I would say, so the bee was dwarfed by comparison.

    And you are correct, it was great seeing several people stop to help another cyclist. When I've stopped to help someone, I'm the only one that stops... Other people kept riding on... But it's great to know that there are other people in NYC that wouldn't hesitate to help out their fellow cyclists. :)


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